Backpacking Checklist

Packed Clothing
Midweight fleece or wool sweater
Mid- or lightweight thermal top and bottom, synthetic or wool
Hiking shorts, quick-drying, lightweight
T-shirts, synthetic
Hiking socks, 2 pairs
Beanie hat (wool or fleece)
Sandals or lightweight shoes (for around camp optional)
Personal Gear
Pack cover - waterproof
Sleeping bag (20° minimum)
Sleeping pad
1-quart water bottles or hydration system equivalent
Mess kit (plate, bowl, mug, fork & spoon)
Insect repellent (small)
Toiletry kit: roll of toilet paper, toothbrush & trial-sized paste, pack towel (think light!)
Personal first aid kit, small and light (bandaid, moleskin)
Pocket Knife
Leave at Home!
Anything heavy!
Any extra packaging
Electronics (iPods, Gameboys, PSPs, etc.)
Large flashlights (with D batteries)
What to wear or have in your pockets
Hiking boots: heavy duty, waterproof, and well broken-in
Hiking pants, quick-drying, lightweight (zip-off legs are great) avoid blue jeans
T-shirts, synthetic (cotton is rotten)
Sun hat with brim
Sunglasses and retainer strap
Sunblock and lip balm (unscented)
Other stuff -- optional-- think weight!
Playing cards
Boy Life magazine
Snacks (jolly ranchers, trail mix, energy bars)
Fishing rod & reel and lightweight tackle
Patrol Gear
Tents (3-season, 2-person)
Cooking gear
Stoves and fuel
Water filter
First-aid kit
Lightweight rope
Latrine shovel
Sump frisbee